Outdoor Sports as a Universal Language for Learning.

Ref. Project: 590411-EPP-1-2017-1-ES-SPO-SSCP

Outdoor Sports as a Universal Language for Learning

FAN-OUT is an innovative proposal of learning in and through outdoor sports, considering sport as an universal language, in addition to be an excellent way to learn and develop skills, knowledge and attitudes.

In this sense this project consists in a double program of outdoor sports focus in: a) learning about another culture through its sports and traditional games and b) peer-learning in sport skills.

To accomplish the objectives, this two programs would be designed by a multidisciplinar team of teachers, lecturers and sport clubs managers and coaches.

Four international meetings are planned to design, prepare, implement and evaluate the actions. 10-12 years-old children are the objective of a innovative and transcultural project which has a demanding quality plan in order to be a pilot study replicable and expandable to other countries and partners.

Participants countries are Spain, Malta and United Kingdom, being partners two universities (Universidad San Jorge and Essex University), a public organization in sports (Gozo Board Sports) and finally, two public schools selected based on criteria of closeness, experience, relevance of sports and cultural projects, where leisure and leisure opportunities are limited.

Expected results are an improved knowledge in teaching in and through sport, a best practices guide to expand the project national and internationally and an increase in participation in physical activities and sport for children.


  • (Coordina) Fundación Universidad San Jorge (España).

  • University of Essex (UK)

  • Gozo Sports Board (Malta)


  • CEIP Odón de Buen (Zuera, España)

  • Gozo Secondary College